Tuesday, 13 January 2015

My week on Extra Easy SP

Well it's been a while since I posted on here, i've been so busy and just not in the right frame of mind to write but I'm back with a fresh batch of post ideas so look out for some new stuff on here over the next couple of days/weeks!

You may or not be aware that the Slimming World plan has changed a teeny tiny little bit in the new year meaning that we all now have brand new books regardless of when you started. I will address the regular plan in another post but this post is going to be all about Extra Easy SP which is the 'booster' plan to be followed when you want to give your weight loss a kick up the backside!

The basics of EESP is that you cut out any food in your book which doesn't have an 'S' or a 'P' next to it. On each plate you have 50% 'S' foods and 50% 'P' foods, you still have your Syns (5-15 per day) and you still have your healthy extras but you can have 2 Healthy B choices on EESP as opposed to just 1 on normal extra easy (you do still only get 1 Healthy A choice).

I've done a full week of EESP this week, admittedly it hasn't been without a slip up because it took a couple of days to get to grips with it properly but here's some of the meals I've enjoyed this week:

Turkey steaks (P), Boiled Eggs (P), Cottage Cheese (P), Lettuce (S), Pickled Onions (S), Beetroot (S), Cucumber (S), Tomatoes (S), Red Pepper (S) 1/2 Tbsp 70% less fat Salad Cream (1 syn)

Prawns (P), Lettuce (S), Cucumber (S), Red Pepper (S) Beetroot (S) 60g Bread Roll (HEXB) 2 Tbsp Colman's Seafood Sauce (4)

Salmon (P), Cottage Cheese (P), Beetroot (S), Lettuce (S), Pickled Onions (S), Yellow Pepper (S), Cucumber (S), Tomatoes (S)

30g Cheese (HEXA) & Onion (S) Toastie (HEXB) with Beetroot (S) and Pickled Onions (S)

Speed Food Packed Chilli (recipe to follow) with Cottage Cheese (P), Lettuce (S), Cucumber (S), Red Pepper (S)

Steak (P) Carrots (S), Broccoli (S), Onion (S), Peas (P), Gravy (1.5 syns)

Small slip up:

- I went to Nando's with every intention of being 100% on EESP but thought I was clever enough not to read my book before I went. I ordered Butterfly Chicken (3.5 syns) with corn on the cob (free) and spicy rice (2.5 syns) only to discover that corn on the cob did NOT have an S or P next to it meaning that it wasn't 'allowed' on EESP, I didn't end up having any S on my plate at all (should have gone for the side salad!) and to be totally honest I shouldn't have had the rice because although it's synned and you are allowed syns, it's obviously rice which is one of the prohibited foods.

Fear not though, a small slip up like this doesn't ruin your week, I can vouch for that because I lost 4.5lb this week! Like I said earlier though, the idea behind EESP is that it boosts your weight loss if you feel as if you're stuck or lacking inspiration. Doing it this week I found that I really enjoyed having 2 Healthy B's and I actually found a renewed interest in eating Slimming World friendly foods.

Have you tried EESP yet? Please feel free to ask any questions below and I'll answer if I can. (although please remember I'm not an SW consultant; nobody can replace their knowledge and expertise)


  1. These meals look AMAZING. I tried Weight Watchers but I never felt like the plan was working for me and after seeing how well you can eat on Slimming World, I might have to give that a go!

    Natalie Ann xo // Petal Poppet Blogs ♥

  2. You have written extremely brilliant. Nice post.