Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Weekly Weigh in #35 - Yep you can gain this in one week!

It's been exactly 1 month since I posted on here, purely because May has been a hectic one for me. The pub was really busy at the beginning of the month then I trotted off to Florida on 8th May so I haven't really had too much to say on the weight loss front simply because I haven't lost any weight! After 3 weeks completely off plan I went back to group this week to face the scales (I already weighed at home so I knew roughly what to expect)

I gained 9lb 

Although I'm not bothered as such (well I am, nobody wants to gain weight when they're trying to lose), it does show how easy it can go back on when you're off plan. Over 3 weeks that averages out at 3lb per week which is a pretty big weight gain every week, but when you're eating nothing but *something* and fries every day you can't really expect anything less. I had zero intention of doing Slimming World while I was in Florida (don't get me wrong, it is doable) because I'd always wanted to go and I was just as excited to eat all the food as I was to go to Disney World! 

I'm not going to tell you what I ate because you all know how to put on weight and I don't want to get your mouths watering with all the wrong foods! What I will do though is show you what I had yesterday as it was my first day properly back on plan and believe me it feels so good to be back on it. Don't get me wrong I loved the food in America but behind every mouthful was me feeling just a little bit guilty, knowing it wasn't going to be good news on the scales when I got back. 

 Scrambled eggs (free) (no milk or cheese, just literally eggs) with mushrooms and plum tomatoes (both superfree) and beans on the side (free) - So nice and really filling, a perfect brunch kind of meal.

Spaghetti Bolognese cooked from scratch (usually I would use a jar which costs me 5.5 syns!)
Less than 5% fat mince, 2 tins of plum tomatoes, onion, green pepper, mushrooms, tomato puree, garlic salt, mixed herbs, oregano, salt. I just literally browned the mince off with the onion and mushrooms, then added everything else and let it simmer for about 20/30 minutes. Was the best spag bol I've ever made, packed with superfree and no need to count!

 I always have supper when I've come home from work at the pub, tonight was a side plate full of cucumber sticks, seafood sticks, 2 x Babybel cheese (HEXA) and 1 tbsp seafood sauce (2 syns)

Finished off with a 22g bag of Flamin' Hot Monster Munch (5.5 syns)

I've thoroughly enjoyed my first full day back on plan, I'm feeling full and a sight healthier. I'm so looking forward to having a good week this week, as long as I plan at the weekend with me being so busy I'm hoping for a really good loss on Tuesday!

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