Tuesday, 2 September 2014

The Thickest, Creamiest Syn Free/Fat Free Yoghurt on the Block

Yoghurts are my go-to snack/dessert when I'm craving for something sweet and up until last week I had always gone for Muller Light even though I've always thought they're a bit on the thin side... I've always craved for a thick, creamy yoghurt. I refuse to spend any syns on yoghurts so my choice is limited down to just a few brands/varieties but I came across Shape 0% yoghurts last week and I can tell you, I haven't looked back.

They come in a few different flavours in packs of 4, my favourites are Cherry & Blackberry and Strawberry & Raspberry... I tried Pineapple and Coconut expecting it to be more coconutty with a hint of pineapple but they're actually the other way around and I ended up chucking 3 of the 4 pots in the bin because I hated them. They are really, really thick and creamy though, like no other fat free/syn free yoghurt I've ever tasted and they're so satisfying. They don't have loads of fruit bits in them which pleases me because I actually prefer smooth yoghurts but these are that nice I'm willing to overlook the bits of fruit in these because they're so nice!

Do you have a favourite syn free yoghurt or do you prefer to spend a few syns?

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